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It’s 2 days away, how are you folks preparing for the day? Have you strengthen your heart for the figures to come? Or are you, right now is in Japan can’t wait to get in line for the festival? Whatever you’re doing right now, let’s stop for awhile to take a look at what WonFes have for us in the next two days.



First up, ameblo just gave us a preview of Figma Aegis: Heavily Equipped Ver, it looks pretty good with all the equipment intact. But I somehow prefer the regular version, I don’t think all those equipment looks good on that slender waist. Then again, it’s a matter of taste and some of you might have fall for her equipment instead.



Moving away from Aegis, we have our mystery Figma, it’s a blurred image of the Mystery Figma Max Factory would release for the next WonFes. At the moment, I (we) still can’t figure what the hell would that be. I’m still hoping (hard) for Archer, but looking at there’s a skirt like figure there, I think it would be another Figma from Madoka series.



Having it blurred like that I am not surprised if no one gets it right, let’s hope we get a clearer view tomorrow.



Last but not least, is Roger Smith Figma. Him and Aegis would be released together in the WonFes. I don’t know much about the duo since I never finish my Persona 3 and didn’t bother with Big O at all haha, but I guess both series fan would be delighted by them. Afterall, Dorothy’s Figma was released few months earlier and having a company would please her.

That’s all for today, later folks~


all the pictures are taken from ameblo.figma.jp