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Recently Amiami’s blog about figma, just released a preview of the next Figma for Puella Magi Madoka series. Yes, it is Akemi Homura (or homuhomu as some of you might say) from the series.



She has been equipped with quite a lot of accessories as you can see, apart from the glasses (which supposed to ensure 13threaper‘s purchase of this Figma) she also gets all sort of thing like a golf club, a bazooka, a handgun, and many others which I can’t name because I haven’t watch the series yet.



She’ll be released at a retail price of 3200 Yen, and it is supposed to be announced officially at 15th of July (if I’m not mistaken).



I intentionally emphasize her pictures where she wears glasses because I think it’s cute, and extremely poisoning for some of us.


You’re welcome guys šŸ™‚