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Rules ahead…

Due to shipping problem, we are so sorry we must limit the contestant for those resides in Indonesia only.

Figmania is currently hosting the 1st photo contest for figma and other figures. The details are as followed:

1. Theme
Tell figma stories with your photo

2. Photo Rules
+ photo has to tell a story
+ 1 panel only, not panelled like comic / 4koma
+ includes figma, other lines of figures are welcome but not dominating figma
+ due to many inputs, we have to ban figma Billy in this contest
+ pornography and insults of races and religions are prohibited
+ 1 photo per person, cloning is prohibited

3. Photo Enhancement Rules
+ Resolution is free, so you may resize
+ SLR/DSLR/high-end pocket camera : cropping only, others prohibited
+ pocket camera/phone camera : cropping, contrast, brightness, exposure, hue-saturation is possible

This rules is made to make more fairness of SLR and non-SLR camera. If you’re not sure what category is your camera, feel free to consult to us.

If suspected to break this rules, we have to ban the photo submission. Please be fair to others ^^

4. Submission phase
June 27th 2011 until July 11th 2011
– Extension is possible based on the submission at the time

5. Entry Cost

6. How to Enter

Submit your photo to our email: figmaniax@yahoo.com
Max. file size is 1.8mb (free resolution)
EXIF data of the photo must not be deleted if exist
No watermark or signature to the photo

Submit Format
:Contestant Real Name:
:Camera used:
Attachment photo

7. Scoring

+ Photo Quality (refer to photo enhancement rules)
+ Originality
+ Creativity
+ Artistics

8. Judging

+ If photo submitted more than 15 photos, there will be a voting phase
+ If not, or voted 15 photos have been decided, the 15 photos will be judged by Figmania and guest judges

Guest judges are the photographers that have great passion in figures and figures photography from the worldwide.

Results will be published as report for every submission in Facebook, Page, and Figmania Blog.

9. Winners
There will be very nice rewards for 2 winners for this event.

We’ll wait for your participation ^^

And we welcome the discussion at our Event Page