Today’s news from Figma@Ameblo, the new images for Kobayakawa Rinko from Love Plus, a very popular videogame for NintendoDS.

Developed by Konami, Love Plus is released on September 3, 2009 by genre of Dating Simulation for Nintendo DS. In 2010, the new sequel LovePlus+ is released for the same machine.


One of the three candidates in the game, it’s Kobayakawa Rinko. She is voiced by Tange Sakura, the character concept was taken from “Dance, Dance, Dance” character, “Yuki”.


Boyish yet cute. She likes listening to music player, there’s a watch and her signature sneakers.



The face expressions are “normal”, “embarassed”, and “kissing”, completed with a nekomimi.


Also comes with another hairstyle, the twintail. Nice!

figma Kobayakawa Rinko will be released this October 2011 with 3200 yen including tax.