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Sorry for the late, late update from us, since most of us is still busy. I am in the middle of Final Exams, Divinelight apparently can’t even sleep on Monday and 13threaper just gobble up a corpse this afternoon :). But hey, that’s nice, a corpse is basically 1/1 scale Figma, with the awesome joints provided by nature. Right, now lets move to the main points, shall we?



Yes all three are released, few days ago, which means Max has done their checklist for all May release Figma with a sliiiight delay. Quite an awesome achievement remembering how much they’ve delayed their Figmas recently. Probably it’s time that’s moving faster I don’t know but for everyone who’s pre-ordering, rejoice :). One of our friend, had to search through three stores for a ready stock Kirino Figma. Even on online stores, the same thing happened with Araragi, sold out everywhere. They’re running low on stock, fast!


Pictures below provided by two of our members, DoomNation and ChoSpirit who got theirs faster than everyone inside Figmania.


DoomNation’s Araragi


ChoSpirit’s Kirino


No Hotori? Well yeah, none of ours arrived yet, and I’m not too fond of having Isohata Uki’s face around here. Few hours after the release and I’ve seen hell already. Misplaced headswap and all, it’s funny, but horrid at the same time haha. Alright, this is Signum with this late, quick news saying good night~