Hi there folks, this is 13thReaper… I’m back from my so-called “far away land”… And ready to present you figmaniacs out there our gallery… There’s a whole lot of pictures to upload, so forgive me if I don’t put my comments on every single one of them…

First of all I would like to thank DoomNation for taking care of the gallery while I’m away.. Thx dude, you’re the best! I owe ya’!

A bit of warning, this time the’re a lot of pictures, and their sizes are quite large, so for you guys who hate “bandwith killer” pics, you’ve been warned.. Don’t blame me if your bandwith got .err….. Killed..

Today my lovely assistants Nodoka & Nagato will help me with presenting the gallery…

I wonder where they are…

Oh there you are, Nodoka..

Nagato (Nag): Wassup’ Nodoka.. What’s with the worried face(plate)?

Nodoka (Nodo): Hmm… I’m worried.. We’re supposed to continue the figmania gallery, but DoomNation has done a really good job while we’re away… Can we do it.. Making the gallery as good?


Listen now, Nodoka!! It’s 13thReaper’s responsibility, good or bad, he has to do it!! And he’s chosen us to help him.. Believe in yourself! Believe in me who believe in you!!

Nagato Mutters.. -(OK I’m starting to speak like those people from Gurren Lagann, and I’m being as pushy as that Haruhi.. Damn..)-

Nag: Get in gear, Nodoka! Wear your hat, you’ll look cuter that way.. And let me get into my “moe-face”

Here goes..  We now present you… “[Gallery] Weekly Creati-figma Gallery #6”!!!!

Nodo: First of, we’ve got A-heen’s favorite figma, Drossel! He carries her everywhere!! (I hope not literally..)

Nag: Here we have DoomNation and his “Deadly Trio”, Hitagi, Seto-san, and BGS. These series of photos include some headswapping! -done that, and my neck hurts..-

Nodo: Another series of my friends from K-ONbu’s photos by R Rama.. He can capture their beauty perfectly!

Nag: A photo of Luka from 13thReaper.. I was told it was taken during a blackout… Hhhh… Otakus…

Nodo: This one is from Waeyu Gunady, featuring Izumi.. The background is nicely done!

Nag: Next is a series of photos from our beloved “grandfather” Adrian Natayuda the Hallower, the story is about Woody who tried to errr… sexually harass (is this word soft enough?) Mio, and later got punished severely by Azusa.. And Ui…

Nodo: This is from Signum.. His Hitagi is trying to explain what does the title “Hitagi Crab” actually means… Err.. WAIT! THAT’S A SCORPION!!

Nag: Another “Hitagi headswapping” from DoomNation.. Damn those boo.. errr… Clothes fits almost every character!!!

Nodo: Another beautiful photos by R Rama, this time featuring Kos-Mos

Nag: Two Hand tries to recreate the battle scene between BRS and BGS.. I’d say he’s done one helluva’ job well done!!

Nodo: A picture from Signum, Hitagi with her mocking face, mocking the legendary Billy before “granpa” adopts him

Nag: From Ryu Ichijo, the love between “The pink.. Magenta Rider” with The Pink-Haired Vocaloid..

Nodo: Granpa’s Billy has arrived!! And he’s wrecking havoc!!!

Nag: Another photo of KosMos, this one is from Nueulais Aquila.. I like what you’ve done with the eye! Epic!!

Nodo: Luckyg1rl’s back with her beloved Azunyan!!

Nag: Following Azusa, here’s Mio from bakAnki

Nodo: whose panties was caught accidentally (I think?) by Strike Den-O!!

Nag: from DivineLight, a picture of me playing with gundams!

Nodo: A-heen’s Rei Ayanami, posing just like a supermodel.. Wow she’s so pretty! Looking elegant there, Rei!

Nodo: Another one from Waeyu Gunady

Nag: From Rahman Adib N, the battle between BRS & BGS continues!!

Nodo: This one is Hallower‘s BGS..

Nag: This one is Eric Ang‘s headswap creativity, Saber as a bunny-girl waitress..

Nodo: Hiroaki Nakanishi‘s BRS.. The silhouette, the background, the lighting effect.. Nice one!

Nag: Another headswap by Charlie Anthony, this time it’s Izumi cosplaying as Kos-Mos!! WOW!! Looking good!!

Nodo: Last but not least, A series of BGS’ photos by 13thRheaper..

rRrraAAwwrrRR…. Bite me!

Handling the Buster Sword from CloudHere, BGS is trying to absorb BRS’ powers..

And become.. Black Rock Gold Saw Shooter!!!

Well that’s all, folks.. See you at the next gallery.. We’re beat…

Nagato & Nodoka can’t wait to play the toy(?) Misao brought…

Oh I almost forgot.. If there’s any mistake or you just think this post is crap, please forgive us.. We welcome any critics and comments, no  matter how harsh…

Nagato, Nodoka, and 13thReaper, signing off..