It’s been awhile since I felt a nice holiday (which is today) yet my boss is nagging me for more work (design), so I ask him “when’s the deadline” and he said “whenever you have the time” and YES I would like to take up on that offer and slack until the last second. Don’t blame me, I don’t care, so let’s see what we have here.


This is the figure most of you will know as her anime were quite a hit in the previous season, it’s Kaname Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. From the info I’ve gathered, Puella Magi seems to be the word for “Mahou Shoujo” or “Magical Girl” in their realm. Yes this is about Mahou Shoujo and from what I’ve heard (again), Kyubey is the biggest troll ever (which led me to love him/her/it) till this very second.



Ah, all the images were taken from Mikatan’s blog, you can visit her blog here. Here’s the first look of her with the ultimate troll QB or Kyubey.



Her bow is included, both in closed and open form. Not only that but you’ll also get a grief seed and 2 additional faceplates. One definitely the serious look when she’s battling and another one looks like a terrified look.



IArticulation shouldn’t be a problem, this is figma. I like how Madoka’s eyes looks, it looks just like the anime, oh and The Troll King QB is also included! rejoice! I want it soooo freaking bad, just to troll other figures.


ohai contract plz lololololol!!!!111!!one1!!1


I think that’s enough, I don’t know much about Madoka afterall, downloaded them but can’t seem to find any time to watch. This is Signum, over and out.