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“Although my life hasn’t been very fortunate until now, I’m glad if I caught your eye because of that misfortune.”
-Senjougahara Hitagi, Bakemonogatari ep 12.


Alright now with final exam coming up, FAST, I think I ought to write this while I can, not to mention I’ve delayed the review by several days now (Yes, I love procrastination). This will be my first Figma review ever since the creation of the site, despite of being an admin in charge of reviews, I know I’ve done my job pretty half-assedly :). Well of course it’s not my first ever review, you can check on my site(s), here and here. Alright, let’s get it on with the review.



Senjougahara Hitagi, she’s the main heroine of an awesome series, Bakemonogatari. You can check more of her on the in-depth article I’ve wrote way before this Figma is released.


The Package


Loved the box art, beautifully painted dawn skies with a little pattern of the school’s windows frame, adding a lot to her seifuku themed figure. Let’s rotate the box, from the front view, side and back respectively.



This is the inside of the box, a blister and a background from Bakemonogatari (you can also cut the middle frame to attach it on to a di:stage -sold separately- and make a Hitagi personal base). Quite splendid I must say, you’ll see the reason soon.



This is why I said the system is splendid, they added another layer of plastic inside the blister to keep the accessories from jumping around when I open the box. I always hate it when I have to open the blister, as careful as I am, yet the accessories always popped out by itself (due to the compressed air between the lock). Oh and I loved the lock, it’s rather wide now, the old one was either square-circle-ish and It’s always a pain to undo. I’m probably being suggestive but imo, it’s easier to unlock these kind of keys rather than the old one (My latest Figma before this was Megurine Luka, so I don’t know if other previously released Figma has the same lock or not).

Let’s move on to the Figma.



The Figure


Let’s see, I love how Max decided to give us three faceplates, a normal one, a smiling faceplate and a quite-annoying smirk for the finale. Also, there’s not much accessories we get from this Figma, but it was the decision maker whether I should get her or not, the ponytail from Mayoi Arc. Also, she had a lot of hands (given stationary is her weapon), six pairs including the default hand to be exact.

You’ll get these after the breakdown



  • A Senjougahara Hitagi Figure
  • Three Faceplates
  • An alternative hair and bangs
  • Six pair of hands including the default
  • A stand
  • A base
  • An extension peg
  • A manual about how to change her hair
  • Last but not least is the Figma bag



Loved the hands.

The figure itself is nice, Max captured the beauty of Hitagi really well on this Figma. Oh and I might have to add something, I am so sorry for the ponytail, it just look so pretty, you’ll see her in ponytail throughout the review :).


The Articulations and Playability


I love Figma joints, I lost count how many times I’ve talked and brag about it. It’s smooth yet sturdy, it’s quite loose yet it holds its ground. The perfect joint for an action figure, apart from one mecha figure line from BANDAI, which is called Rob*t Spir*ts.



Now it’s time from some box-arts reenactment, some aren’t exactly like in the box but bear with me, it’s pretty hard to do this when I have such a little time left before the doom exam.



I don’t really like how the knees bent (probably my fault at posing) but I do come to love this faceplate. I thought her sneer was annoying at first, but it turns out pretty amusing at times.



Yes, it is my Billy’s last shot, isn’t he pretty? He went for a wilder owner now, one of our fellow friend, you’ll see him later.



Ooops, almost forget this hand, lol. Sorry stapler, even when you’re Hitagi’s theme (Staple Stable).



Now on to some free-posing, I love how I can bend her forward a bit but still retaining some balance, also loved how the hair can be turned around freely, it’s sexy. Last but not least, the final pose is what (and probably forever to come) Hitagi posed at the moment. It’s simple, cute, beauty and charming at the same time.


Final Verdict


  • The Packaging: 8.0
    Normal packaging, good art, awesome blister upgrade.
  • The Figure: 9.0
    Need to say more?
  • The Playability: 9.0
    Figma joint wins this one.
  • The Details: 8.0
    Apart from the knees (probably I’m partially at fault), it’s perfect.
  • The Price: 9.0
    You get more than what you paid for.


Sorry for not reviewing as much as I can, due to the time I have, this is as much as I can squeeze on. This is Signum, over and out.



“Because of that, I was able to fall for you”
-Senjougahara Hitagi, Bakemonogatari Ep 12