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Another news from Figma@ameblo, this time it’s about Hitagi’s junior, yes your tomboy princess, Kanbaru Suruga. I’d say she looks a lot like Subaru from Nanoha series, I might try to look for her pictures with her head swapped with Subaru later on, should be fun.




Let’s see, two additional faceplates, all seem to be used when she teased Araragi back in the episodes (really, all these faceplates just make me want to collect the complete set). An astonished faceplate and A I-Know-It-All smirk. But wait, there’s more~



What’s that?

A raincoat, her ‘monkey hand‘ and fourth faceplate? FOUR Faceplates?? This is just get better and better, the first Figma with four faceplates? I think yes!



Well of course you have to use it to kick Araragi or it will defeat the purpose, it’s a shame no other gore parts included though (like when she ripped Araragi apart pulling his intestines and swing him around).



Last but not least is a basket ball, for you guys who don’t own any Mato Figma but in dire need of her ball, this is a great alternative indeed.


I think that’s all for now, this is Signum, over and out.
Oh, I’m doing a photoshoot for Hitagi at the moment, the review should be up by Friday I guess haha.