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I’ve been waiting for today, so despite of my abundant assignments and my stupid cold (I hate Flu, I wished the virus would just die when we told to) I’d say who cares and feel like I have to share my new little baby with you all. I know I promised you a review but please bear with me, I’ll review it next Monday, since with the state I’m in at the moment, I’m barely keeping myself standing haha.

Oh dear

Yeah, you got them right, my long awaited Hitagi finally arrived, I’m pretty sure I got mine pretty fast (and thankfully, safe) since most of the shipment to Indonesia at the moment are on hold or even worse, missing. I got to thank Jakesons and his perfect service, yeah, even on this blog.

A quick look at the box and blister

I’ll explain it later when we get to the actual review about the box details and such, I’m sorry if you have box fetish, I’ll make sure I’ll review it thoroughly later on.

Man, she’s just pretty~

Speaking about pretty, I just realised that Figma also add an additional accessory to Takane Manaka Figma whom I just posted yesterday. MF provided a tiptoe part for her, I know it’s trivial but I still think it needs to be addressed. Probably you guys who are a Love Plus player would really appreciate this piece.

Awwww, how cute~

Alright, that’s all for today, I’ll provide you a thorough review later on, with an appropriate background of course. This is Signum, knocked out by his cold.

I’ll see ya later boys~