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You heard that right, finally your ice cold goddess (I’m right, am I?) Rei Ayanami released for the public after countless delays, well it happens a lot recently, with all Kamen Rider Figmas and the regulars they’ve been releasing and not to mention some limited Figmas (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Figmas), I expect MF’s Factory at it’s peak for the past 3-4 months. Most Figmas get delayed even one as symbolic as Rei.




As you all should familiar with, Rei probably the most desired girl out of the 3 heroines of Evangelion 2.0. Yet why is it delayed for so long? Beats me my friend, beats me. But it should be fine now that she’s out everyone shall be happy, are you not?




I want to complaint about the accessories first but since we got that bigass pilot chair, I don’t think that’s necessary. But oh come on, Asuka gets a cellphone and a doll, Mari got a spare hair but no notable accessories for Rei? That’s harsh, still look pretty though.



I think that’s all for Rei, I’ll let you know when one of our members review one of theirs, now on to the next Figma. He’s a vampire ninja (well half a vampire), a slave to his girlfriend (at least that’s what he looks like to me), Araragi Koyomi. It’s been awhile since the end of Bakemonogatari yet I still glad they decided to make their Figmas, and apparently they’re going to release every main character there is (Tsubasa neko in a pajamas? F Yeah!).


The Box


I find it interesting that one of his faceplate is somewhat epic, and apparently a perfect fit for figure bullying.


What did I just tell you?



Though the other faceplate are meant for… bullying


Starlight Breaker in 3.. 2..


He’s done for, even if he’s half vampire with super regeneration ability, he’ll probably blown to bits after meeting Nanoha, The White Devil herself. No one mess with Fate while she’s around. Well, I think it’s all the previews we can give at the moment, we thanked anon at 2chan for providing all the pictures you see here, it’s Signum, over and out!



picture source :http://nov.2chan.net/y/res/2210508.htm