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So I’ve been having this news that Figma Mirai Suenaga (Yes, Danny Choo’s Mascot character, the one who pops up all over his site) is going to be released near time, so brace yourselves men (and women). For everyone who preordered, I’d say congratulations, it’s better than I’ve expected, for the one who’s waiting for the ready stock items, you guys might want to prepare your gear as there will be probably a bloodbath on who’s getting the last stock of her figure!


look at that boobie- I mean Figma!


When I’m back at home today I saw that there’s a new mail on the mailbox, and it was from Anime Figurines Network from Facebook, Danny himself saying that Mirai’s Figma is out soon and thanking everyone who pre-ordered (Yes, you).


The said mail.


Which then led me to his site to be greeted by the preview of his dollfi- I mean, Figma, yes, Figma. There’s this post dedicated to Mirai’s Figma, whom I have to admit, cute. I love her color scheme, really I do, and those short skirts, how I wonder that every males wouldn’t want to get out from high school just to enjoy the shortness a little while longer. The laptop and Digi-Came is also a strong points, her dollfie miniature is fabulous.


The Package… Man, that dollfie is hawt


The Laptop, probably modeled from MacBook Pro, delish!


Her Digi Came, probably Lumix LX3 or an inverted color schemed Canon IXY


Her *literally* Dollfie


Now that you’ve seen some of the previews, more can be seen on his site, which the link have been provided above :3 All the images here are also taken from his site, we don’t have our own pictures yet but I knew one of us will review her later. One thing I have to address, her Dollfie is HAWT lololololol.


Hope you guys will enjoy the Figma, Signum here, over and out!