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Yet another cutie from our lovely manufacturer, Max Factory, this time it would be one of Mino Taro’s art, the best out of the three main heroines from Love Plus (I’m being biased with my ponytail fetish, I know), Takane Manaka. This is Signum drooling in front of my Mac, bringing you updates from GSC website.

Pretty poisonous I’d say, but I think I’ll have to pass, I have pre-ordered too much and this stupid chain have to stop!


I love her smile


Being a dating sim game probably the biggest reason for this faceplate, a waiting-for-a-kiss faceplate. I don’t know if it can be used on other Figma (I would love it if it were true, Signum could use a little change of pace, I’m tired looking at her glaring at me) since it would be awesome!


nom nom nom


On another note, this Figma also provide another faceplate that I adore. If her faceplate is compatible with Signum, boy I’ll get her in NO time.




Moving on to the other accessories, as usual a bag is provided when MF makes a seifuku Figma, but not only that. A short hair and a Tennis Bag is given to her, I haven’t played but I know from various places that Manaka played tennis, and she also depicted with short hair in one of the PVC figure I encountered in one of the local figure shop. To top it off, an usa-mimi (bunny ear) but I think it’s fugly (no offense, it’s a matter of taste).


click on the images for better resolution


So anyone’s up for this baby? Signum’s reporting, over and out!