Hi everybody, back again with me your substitute gallery caretaker DoomNation. For this edition of the gallery I won’t be talking too much due to the amount of the pictures included. There are tons of pictures to be put inside this post and I won’t be commenting on each one of them, don’t you just love it??

So, enjoy the pictures !!


First stop, we got some photos from our friend Johannes/13threaper from far away lands

The next couple of photos came from our friend Rama

The next photos came from Wikan

The next couple of photos came from Stephen

This one came from Slamet

Rio Mgee  gave us a photo of a Caro headswap

Wijaya shows off his kamen rider figma….

This rather interesting duo was taken by our friend Purwanto

Oni Shameimaru  shows a photo of a very creative headswap

Thus came 2 interesting pictures from Nueulais Aquila

The comparisons

A photo from Lowe Gule 

Joenathan Tok’s exciting new custom swords

Felix Leonard’s photos is full of saber as you can see below

The next one came from our friend Eric Ang

I don’t know where these pics came from, but it looks like Charlie found this in the net (or not)

Boby gave us some photos of Drossel

The next one is Avalanche Exia‘s photo

BakAnki shows us a rather interesting picture….

These photos with danbo came from Alfred Junus

Aditya Nakasa have a photo of this….

A single photo from Agustinus Spice 

 A personal picture taken by me for a height comparison

Last but not least, the one with the most pictures today is….   Adrian Natayudha!   Here are the photos :

Well, that’s all for today folks…  I told you this edition is image heavy!!  You have been warned though….

If there is any problem with the above pictures please do contact me or the moderators in this blog!!

(for starters you can use the comment function!)

I’m DoomNation over and out!!