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Alright guys, today I’m doing one of our member Jakesons a favor by reviewing his Figma, A brand New Figma Kamen Rider Sting. You all should have recognize him by now huh? it’s his second review contribution, you can take a look at his first contribution here. And let’s get on to the review, Signum here, reporting.


Sting with all his glory


As usual let’s take a look at the box first, the usual Kamen Rider Figma box with loads of buildings, lines and things. Pretty nice box, single blistered though, I’m hoping that max would give us more with those blisters, I think they’re just stingy (apart from Dragon Knight, Torque and Wing Knight).





Let’s look on the inside, the parts within the package are:



  • Raia errr Sting Himself
  • His whip
  • His ‘Hair’
  • His Vent…. thing (I dont know what to call it, sorry :()
  • His Final Vent Card
  • A stand base
  • A stand
  • 5 pairs of hands, default hands included
  • A manual
  • and the usual Figma plastic bag


Details on the Stand


Let’s see how Sting pose himself


Looking confident there


Flexible joints, even the ‘hair’ sways


Sting and his whip


Side shot~


I like this pose, he looks majestic!


The next one probably would leave you gasping, well not really, but if you’re an SHF fans, I think you would be surprised.

What’s that? You’re a figmania? You’re not playing SHF?

Alright, moving on then


I will NOT try this on my SHFs


Look how he mutilate- I mean separate his Figma, it’s all scattered yet it still pose THAT great, it looks like Max giving the usual joint treatment, which shouldn’t be doubted the awesomeness within. I love you Max, now why is my Meiya upper joint loose so bad I can’t even stand her straight, I’m going to file a complaint sometime!

Let’s see some fight!


Heh, that bat likes everyone huh


Not so mighty without your bat!




That should teach you a lesson!


In the end this Figma is (like the others) great, fun to pose, easy to play with, nice doff texture, nice subtle colors, and nice details. If you’re a Kamen Rider Dragon Knight fans, this is the Figma for you, I would get one as soon as it stocked on the local store. THAT if I am a Kamen Rider fans, which sadly am not :3.


Final Shot


This is Signum, good fight, good night!

(I always want to say that line, I just LOVE MTV celebrity deathmatch)