Hi everybody!  I’m DoomNation and back again with another review of a fantastic figma that I have in hand!!  This one has been a major dilemma for a long time due to it’s steep price and rarity, and also because Lily only showed up once in a while in the ‘net meaning I won’t have much time to think whether I should buy it or not.  In the dying minutes the urge to buy came snowballing on me destroying my other urge to conserve ammunition (Money).

In the end, I’ve put many thoughts into it again and there she is now!! Standing there on my table with all her glory…  Waiting for her to arrive with the risk of having a defective/slightly damaged figure in mind is a pain in the arse’  , especially when you know that you’ve bought a secondhand one.

Now, shall we proceed ladies and gentlemen??

Are YOU ready???

(btw, if you see the pictures having a different feel to it/White Balance , that means it was taken at a different point in time)

The Character :

To tell you the truth, I really have no idea about her character…  All I know is that she is from the Fate/Unlimited Codes game and that this is an alternate costume that saber can wear in that game. The name “Lily” is actually derived from her own costume that when you look at the costume from above it looks like a fully bloomed Lily. Either way, I’ve bought her mainly because I have no Saber with her battle costume on and the fact that Saber Lily looks pretty damn cool.

The Box :

The box is smaller than the usual rectangle or tall figma boxes, but it is thicker because it has some space to store the original game inside the box. Have I ever say that this figure comes with the game??  I doubt that, because I bought this without the game included to reduce costs, so no need to mention if there is any game capiche??

The Box from Side to Side

The Contents :

The view inside the clamshell

A look after the parts taken out

Inside, it contains :

  • 1 Sword and Scabbard
  • 1 Wind blown bangs/fringe
  • 2 Faceplates
  • 1 Set of stand and base
  • 1 Special tip for stand
  • 5 Pairs of hands

The Saber Lily have very little amount of accessories included with her and might not fairly reflect the price that we get her very well.

The Faceplates

Saber Lily got only 2 faceplates and both of them are not a happy faceplate. She got the serious face and the ‘kuudere’ (apathetic) face, the kuudere face is by far my favorite faceplate of Saber which I rate even higher than  the other version of Saber’s faceplate. That because this face makes her completely adorable and mean rolled into one!

The Serious Face

The 'Kuudere' or Cynical Face

The Figure :

  • Size

As usual with all Saber figma, Saber Lily also lacks the size and height of a usual figma. She is very short with only around 13cm tall and her overall body is very thin and slender all the way around. If there is a really small bodied girl like this in the world fighting, she would’ve been crushed in one blow! She looks really fragile with that body….

The Height of Saber Lily is around 13cm (not including ahoge)

Height comparison with BGS, Lily is around 2cm shorter

  •  Sculpt 

The sculpt of Saber Lily is very amazing, the guys at Max Factory really did their best to bring the figure alive!  The details of her armor is amazing, the skirt part is also great, the gauntlets really look like a heavy metal gauntlet. The details of her face are also sculpted very well. Saber Lily is almost perfect in the sculpting area, her clothes is also sculpted very well and makes it looked natural and really flow.

Front View

Right-hand side view

Left-hand side view


Back view

The sword and the scabbard is also sculpted very well, it has a very good detail embedded on it and when seen from far away it looks very convincing. The sheath’s high detail complements with the already good figure of Saber Lily.

The Sword's details

The Scabbard's details

  • Painting

The painting scheme of Saber Lily is truly admirable, it has soft color scheme combine with a glossy feel to some parts. The armor and gauntlets are painted very well that when you take a picture of it light bounces off from it making it looked like a real metal breastplate and gauntlets.

The shine coming from her armor and side skirt armor looks convincing

The skirt that is supposed to be made out of cloth are also painted in high detail with a lot of effort made in making her skirt’s patterns and tints.

The Skirt's amazing paint and the lower armor

  •  Articulation

I won’t spend too much time here, because she has a very normal articulation of the usual figma. The skirt is also movable to prevent obstruction of her feet movements.

Note the skirt's articulation to compensate feet movements

  • Accessories

In the accessories sector, Saber Lily have 2 unique accessories that are optional parts to complement her beauty. Have you ever had a thought when you owned a figma that the hole in the back of the figure looks awful??  Well, look no further because Saber Lily have the answer for that! She is included with a plug to fill in that hole that looks awful and makes her look photogenic 360 degrees no questions asked. The plug is camouflaged to be part of her skirt in the back, so people won’t even know if there is a hole.



After you plugged the hole in the back making her looked more beautiful you should asked yourself how do stand her up with those narrow high heeled armored boots (not recommended for battles/fights)??  The answer to this is an extension of the usual stand that can be attached into thee usual front end of the stand. This clasping extension arm works wonders to keep things beautiful yet standing firmly.

With fixed-clamp extension

Without fixed-clamp extension

  • Compatibility

This is one of the area that Lily struggles a lot. She is an older model figma, making her hands’ peg have a little ball at the end  of it. This makes her not compatible with the newer version’ straight peg hand. You can’t put a new version hand on her because it will just simply fall off.  Because her hand is also covered by the metal gauntlet she can’t hold some of the weapons of other figmas, the hole in her hand is just too small for some of the weapons.

On the other hand, in the headswapping sector she excels the class. You can easily use her head to any body you like because the peg in her head is really small and would fit the hole in the neck of most figmas. However, her body can’t be used easily, when I tried to put Aya’s head inside Lily’s body it won’t snuggly fit, instead it needs to be forced inside to fit. When I do get Aya’s head inside, it was really hard to pull it out carefully because I’m afraid Aya’s peg would break off and the remaining piece left inside Lily’s neck.

Lily's head in Aya's body

That’s about it for Figma Saber Lily, because she doesn’t have too much points to be shown off other than the beautiful figure itself. in overall, she disappoints me in the accessories sectors due to her lack of included accessories for her steep price. However, she didn’t disappoint me in the other areas, the beauty of this figure is simply stunning!

Random Poses

I still have some random photos showing some of her great poseability when I’m reviewing her, this section might be updated though.

A menace is coming!! Stand by ready!!

Block successful!!

The hand of Doom

Well, that’s all for today folks! Thanks for reading this review, I know that this Lily is released a long time ago. But I’ve only got this figure a while ago, so please bear with me…..

Also special thanks to my friend who lent me a great lens to take photos of this great figure!! The result is stunning and eye-boggling!

I’m DoomNation over and out!

P.S : I believe one of our moderator is working on a newer figma review, you guys should’ve known which figma is.. it…