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It’s Signum on the scene, reporting about the latest local event, which is The Toys and Comics Invasion II @fX Jakarta. It was held on fX, a relatively small mall but aesthetically pleasing on the eyes, I wished I could show you guys the inside without being chased by the pesky security guards. It is located in Central Jakarta, near the largest sport center, Gelora Bung Karno and stand tall beside the Athlete Hotel Senayan.


First look


It was arranged by KAFI (Indonesian Action Figure Community or Komunitas Action Figure Indonesia), it’s the second time they held the fair at fX, although the fair ground is different with the first one. This one was held in the middle hall just below the lifts and right beside the giant slide (yeah, indoor slide which fall about 15 meters high I think) which is the main attraction of the mall. There’s a lot of U.S stuff, A LOT. You U.S figures collectors would be frantically jumping around from one booth to another, from this stall to those stall. Not me though, I’m strictly collecting Japan figures, and IF I ever bought U.S figures, it’s because they had some use for figure photoshoot. When I’m done with them, I’ll put it in the market right away.


Left corner: Aya Kagura Figma, BRS, Billy, Saber Alter


Let alone Figma, I don’t even see much from Japan’s biggest toy manufacturer, BANDAI. Usually, there will be lots of SHF boxes, SICs, trading figures and other kamen rider stuffs, but all I can smell yesterday was, U.S stuff. Not to worry though, I do find some interesting stuff like this cool lens cup, as a novice photographer, seeing this thing is like founding an oasis in the middle of deserted desert. The only downside of it was it was Canon’s, I’m a Nikonian, no offense to the Canonian though. But what the heck, it’s cool, it’s awesome, cha ching!


Ain’t that just, wow?


All is well, I get my cup, no Gundams around to hurt my wallet, but my heart do jumped a little bit when looking at Aya Kagura Morning Coffe’s price tag, it’s over 100$ already. God, how stupid am I not to bought them when they’re swarming around for 50-60 bucks. Lesson learned, oh well, at least I have my cup to comfort me, and it’s lower than the usual rate for the lens cup so I’m happy. Back at home I found a package laying around my house, it’s size is on par with TWO Figma boxes, from Nanoha series, with the width of bundled Figma standard. I was impressed, the seller really pushes himself to the limit for the box when all inside was this Hobby Japan February edition with a bonus, GN Sword IV Full Saber for my HG 00 Qan[t].


The loot


That was my loot for yesterday, not much of a loot, but it’s still mentionable? lol. This is the end of the ride I guess, it was pretty late in the night too, I need to sleep a little bit early for a morning presentation tomorrow. Signum, over and out.


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