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It’s been awhile since I’ve put my commission up here in Figmania due to a lot of things happened IRL. Business has caught up to me and the fear of Final exam is coming near, man I can’t even play with anything (but yes, I do reserve some time to build some gunplas and yes, I’m still infatuated by them). Real life aside, here is Signum writing another In-depth (another forgotten segment of our lovely figmania blog) which consists of some light read and background for the newly released Figma, Senjougahara Hitagi. I might do some for Kos-Mos too, but only if I feel like it and remember to do it later.


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Senjougahara Hitagi is the main heroine from the ever popular series, Bakemonogatari who won User’s Special Award (God knows what this award is because I am completely clueless, sorry, care to explain it?) at 2nd DEG (Digital Entertainment Group) Japan annual BD/DVD prizes. Bakemonogatari has a lot of strong points, the story itself is amusing, but the art is, well, godly. SHAFT studio really push themselves to create a masterpiece in terms of art and such, and now SHAFT is handling another great animes such as Puella Magi Madoka (who’ll get a Figma treatment later on, yes yes, rejoice madoka fans) and Soredemo Machi wa Mawaitteru (which of course gets another figma treatment T_T seriously Max, should you be doing this when all your fans are waiting for Archer?).


Now I know why Doomnation and Two_hand worship her

Hitagi from wikipedia:

Hitagi, the main character of Hitagi Crab, is a weak-looking girl with an “incurable disease”. She is in the same class as Koyomi, but he has almost never heard her speak. When she was in the first year of high school, she encountered a mysterious crab, after which she became weightless. Ever since, she has avoided contact with everyone else, threatening everyone who discovers her secret. She called herself a tsundere and always speaks in an abusive style. At the end of Mayoi Snail, she admits that she loves Koyomi, and subsequently enters into a relationship with him. After the events in Tsukihi Phoenix, she overcame all of her trauma, and finally became a completely common cheerful girl. She starts calling Araragi with a cute nickname, chuckling at small things and sending e-mails full of Emojis, although her sharp tongue is still there, but toned down. She seems to also have a father complex, getting excited when she uses her father’s blanket that she gets so excited that she can’t fall asleep. Koyomi says that he loves Hitagi the most.

Hitagi also had a thing or two with stationary I guess which she likes to threaten everyone with it. You heard me alright, that’s what she used, equipped and attack Araragi with at the first episode. A little bit of stapler on the mouth, some other rulers, box cutter, triangle rulers, and most others edged/fine tipped stationary. She also attacks Araragi on the eyes on their ‘lovey-dovey’ study session. A complicated person indeed, but cute as hell to boot.

Up until now I still can hear one of her famous quote from the series, it is when she tries to attack Araragi after she Araragi catch up to her on the stairs, “Sensou wo shimasou” or ‘Let’s have some war’ in a non-moonspeak terms.


Relax honey, it’s better than a lead bullet right? :3

That’s pretty much Hitagi’s role in the series, aside of being a super tsundere and complicated girl, Hitagi actually holds a little cute side to her, depicted at the last episode of the regular-aired series when they’re having a date (Hitagi and Araragi), under the stars, she was unbelievably submissive and cute, inside the car on the way to the date spot though she’s unbelievably tsundere. A little too contradictive but that’s actually what makes most fans fall for her. She’s also shown to be experienced at love, but that was wrong too, she actually have a lot of hard time expressing herself when she wants to ask araragi to go on a date. Very cute indeed!


Ponytail? WIN!

Alright, I think that’s it for today, I’ll accept all correction and suggestion and will fix it later in the future. This is Signum, over and out.


I demand moar worshipper!

And here are some screenshots from the anime Bakemonogatari that you loved! Of course its only the Hitagi part….


I doubt that  Hitagi-san….  and I bet everyone who are reading this beg to differ


No cheating with other girls guys…  Or else


This casual hitagi is really nice!!  Really want this form of her to be figmatized!!


So, for everyone who didn’t pick up my figma version, get out there and buy me!!