Hi Figmaniacs, back again with me the gallery caretaker DoomNation….   As you all may know, this gallery is not that “weekly” anymore (you can see this from the gap of #3 and #4 post date), nowadays the “Weekly” name of this post is more like a namesake to the older posts’ intended frequency. Well, most of us is busy with our daily activities and updating this gallery in a weekly basis becomes an awfully demanding task.

So, the next time you see a post with the name “Weekly” in front of it, don’t come to me and say : “It’s becoming more of a monthly now than a weekly”.

Now without further ado, Let’s start !!

The Birthday Dinner

The first picture for today is from Wikan, this picture is dedicated to our friend Divinelight who just happens to be having his birthday this week. So, a happy birthday to him and all the best for him this year!!

A Huge Ice Cream Appeared!!

This one is from Luckyg1rl, looks like she’ll be enjoying a cupp od ice cream with azunyan!!

Cute pic indeed...

 She also posted another picture of Azunyan taking a photo of herself using a phone instead of eating ice cream, shows you how someone can really love azunyan..

Figma Chess... A very expensive chess indeed

BakaAnki took this picture somewhere from the internet (did he?) and it looks like a checkered board mad out of di:stages!! It must be taking a lot of effort to put those di:stages in place.

Fresh from the Old Town, Jakarta

Divinelight posted this photo that should’ve been taken around Friday morning, it looks like we should expect a lot more photos to come from this photo gathering!

Nagato with Haruhi

and He also had a picture of Nagato and Haruhi indoors…

Another from the Old Town

Our friend Putu Ray also posted this picture, so expect a lot of photos from Friday’s gathering flooding in on a separate post (maybe). Because this is just a sneak preview!

Not another Billy...

Rqon posted this photo on our FB page showing Kirino with the illustrious Mr.B, I just love the look on Kirino’s face when looking at Mr. B…    Kirino : “Oh, Mr.B..   You’re making me blush…”

A Good collection!! A VERY nice collection...

Our friend Arya Pradana posted this picture showing off his nice collection…  He got a lot of figmas already, and I expect him he would get more.

Joenathan Tok posted the Haruhi on a mech, I can’t identify what kind of mech it is but it looks like a Bionicle.

Mecha Haruhi Closed

Mech Haruhi Open

Adrian Natayudha has been putting a lot of effort in customizing parts for a Figma lately. Have a look everyone!!

Azunyan in custom armor!!

Azunyan with custom Bloody Bat!!

Azunyan in Vietnam...

Well, I don’t really know if this is custom or not. But Azunyan with a flak jacket and M4 means badassery in motion. Can you hear the song “Fortunate Son” playing on the background along with this picture??

Azunyan with Custom Bunny Ears!! Just like Reisen

We seen a lot of Azunyan lately, so let’s move on for a moment……

Seto-san in Kimono

Adrian found this one on the net and I’ve seen it many times but never got tired of it….  I think Seto-san with kimono looked very good, she is very suited in kimono due to her Yakuza background.  Shame she didn’t  use her katana…

Miku all the way...

The last photo from Adrian shows a lot of Mikus…  Just 3 Mikus, but its a lot of Mikus for me who had none

BRS Rock cannon Shoooot!!

Amuramaro Atsushi took a very nice picture of BRS trying to shoot her Rock cannon…

The usual King Kazma and Love Machine standoff

Ferawati Chandra shows off her newly acquired casts of Summer Wars…   Both of them got a lot details, it looks like they came out of the screen!!

BGS on a custom-made checkered floor...

Johan Yu made a really good effort on making the checkered floor to like in the OVA.  Believe me, that floor looks REALLY convincing…

Saber Alter : "I'm gonna git ya suckaaa!"

Johan claimed this is a very old picture that he took and posted on a forum, but it is still has quality written all over it!

"I Summon thee.... ABUSER!!"

Wikan showed an epic picture of Rin summoning her servant, it looks like a new history of F/SN world is about to unveiled.

Signum in Starbucks world

Nagato in Morning coffee mode

Looks like both of these picture above is made by Wikan to troll Rqon and Divinelight, but I don’t know how effective it is.  The headswap looked good though.

A flying Aegis!!

Slamet Riyanto made a photoshopped picture of Aegis flying in a crowded shopping mall…

Nanoha loli mode's height

Daniel Haryanto is measuring his Nanoha’s height with a ruler on the side

The 3 Queens

Nueulais Aquila shows off the three queens of the BRS world, it is fairly obvious who’s the biggest of ’em all….

Custom Figma Bike-Rider

Our friend Lowe Gule found a custom made figma that I can’t identify.  It looks like it was made with figma Shana’s head and Miku’s body.  A bold move made by the customizer is to paint it in a black theme with silver tints and the way he/she made the garter is great!

K-ON Concert!!

 Another one from Lowe is the picture depicting the K-ON girls’ concert with each one of them wearing the shirt of HTT!  Boy, I would love to get my hands on that shirt…

Aya in winter

This one is the one that I took myself, I just got Aya Shameimaru and to be honest I really love her expression!!  Her face is a lot like Haruhi’s but somewhat she got a different feel to it.  Never intended to get her at first and now I’m a sucker of my own words..

Aya the Maid

Another one taken by me.  Imagine these….  Aya as a maid would probably be the fastest maid in the world, so she should be able to serve people in L.A, while the kitchen is still back in Tokyo… Just kiddin’ tough 🙂

It's the Wild West Everyone...

Wild West Mode - Back View

Well, the last picture for today is the casual saber strapped heavily with rifles, Can you feel the sound of the west coming to you??  Saber got a Red Dead feel and is ready to roll ….

That’s it everybody for our edition of  the Gallery !!  I’m terribly sorry if I offend anyone or use their picture without permission, but please don’t sue me for copyright issues, I just can tell you I’ve got nothing left to spare!!

Thanks for reading guys, and mods please don’t mind to edit this if you found anything inappropriate

I’m DoomNation, Over and Out!