This is Momonoji again XD…. Signum helped with the translation and acting as editor-in-chief and I got to say that I’m sorry Momo to delay the review, gunpla literally occupied my whole existence for the last 2-3 weeks πŸ˜€

Now I’ll review Figma SP 022, Kamen Rider Torque from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.



Kamen Rider Torque is a long-range fighter, having a default gun which doubles as a slot for Advent Cards. His Launch Vent consists of shoulder cannons and his Shoot Vent summons a larger hand-held cannon.


Torque’s Advent Deck

Torque slots his cards on the bottom of his gun (similar to how one loads a clip or magazine into a gun) called the Magna Visor. Can be used as a weapon if Torque is too close for Shoot Vent or Launch Vent.

  • Attack Vent: Summons Magnugiga to directly attack his opponents.
  • Strike Vent: Conjures a minotaur-like horn.
  • Launch Vent: Attaches shoulder cannons on him.
  • Shoot Vent: Conjures a large hand-held cannon.
  • Guard Vent: Conjures a green mechanical shield modeled after Magnugiga’s chest.
  • Final Vent: Summons Magnugiga (Magnugiga is a giant minotaur robot which is Torque’s Advent Beast) for Torque’s Final Vent. It opens its chest compartments (revealing missiles) and lowers its leg cannons as Torque connects his gun to its back, and delivers a devastating barrage of missiles and lasers.
  • Link Vent: Unites and unleashes the power of all 13 Final Vents.

(from: wikipedia)



Torque comes with:

  1. 1 Figma stand
  2. Extra hands
  3. 1 Gun called Magna Visor
  4. 1 Extra horn
  5. 1 cannon (his shoot vent) which is can divide into two pieces
  6. 1 Final vent card



First, it’s about the stand, eventhough it’s different in design with the other figmas, Dragon Knight Figmas still adapt the normal Figma style, be it for the looks or assembling purpose. There’s no different between them, just insert the peg into the hole behind Torque to attach it to the stand.

Ok.. as you can see the details of the backside :D, each parts are made with a nicely designed details.



Torque has a spare horn? antenna? whatever it is, he had two of them, which unexpectedly the same, so if one’s broke you don’t have to worry cause you have the reserve. Why do Max even bother with the spare, I don’t even want to start thinking about it. It is, replaceable, though it’s pretty hard to take it off =3=

As you can see, Torque’s horn looks small and fragile, well, of course there’s a reserve but it’s useless if both are broken, right? =3= Not to worry πŸ˜€



The horn is made from a soft, elastic plastic (it rhymes there :D), even if you bend it like so, it will return to it’s normal position πŸ˜€ (well, it doesn’t mean it’s immortal or unbreakable, you might just gone too far with your silly strength and break it in two =3=, so you probably want to be careful even when it’s soft plastic).



The accessories given to Torque is none other than the gun, Magna Visor. The details is great, even the logo is painted on the gun πŸ˜€



There’s a weird peg on the backside of the gun, and if you look closely there’s also a tiny hole on Torque’s belt. Do you think you can actually rest the gun in his belt, then you sir, are right XD, it is actually the use of the peg on the gun and the hole on the belt πŸ˜€



Just like in the series XD~



Final Vent Card, it goes by saying, it looks real detailed, the card of course, Torque also has a specialized hand for holding the card πŸ˜€



You can also take it off his hand πŸ˜€



Last but not least, the best, the coolest, the main accessory of Torque is his Shoot Vent Cannon :D, Inside the box, it was divided into two parts (given the humongous size), the barrel and the body who looks like a claws, crab claws.



Both are then used and fused to assemble one huge a** cannon! It’s not only just it’s size that’s big, it’s also heavy =w= doh!



The backside of the cannon, the crab claws :3 also have a good details (the details is seriously the PLUS side of this figma, that’s why I’ve been repeating myself about details details and details up until now πŸ˜€ that, if you actually read the review)

And look what it can do πŸ˜€



Open sesame πŸ˜€
There’s a joint in this claws part, so it can be opened like so πŸ˜€ and it can also be used as a missile launcher!



Even on the photo Torque looks like it’s all heavy and it needs to be supported when you want him to hold the cannon, it actually can hold it WITHOUT the stand (well, there’s few photos without the stand :D) and you got to do a little balancing do~dee~do with the cannon and the Figma because it’s center of gravity is obviously messed up πŸ˜€



Design & sculpt : 10/10
colors & painting : 9/10
Articulations : 8/10
accesories : 9/10
Playable/fun : 9/10

Overall: 9/10


That’s all for today, from Figmania HQ we are Momonoji and Signum, over and out.