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Hi guys, back again with me DoomNation. Today I’m bringing you the review for my newly acquired, Figma Black Gold Saw or BGS. As you may all know, I never reviewed anything in my entire life so this would probably be my first review of a figma. So, please don’t be too shy to criticize me. From what I learned ,a harsh critic would be an encouragement for the one criticized to simply do better.   Now without further ado, let’s begin…..

The Character :

Well, to be honest I don’t really know what or who is she. All I know is that she appeared in the first battle with BRS on the BRS OVA. You all also  know how that ends, a giant stab of the massive King Saw ended on BRS’ small stomach.  I assume most of you guys knew more about her more than I do.

The Box :

Nothing special here…  The same box design like BRS’ and DM’s checkered pattern, only this time it’s in red theme.  No biggie…..

The Box from side to side

The Contents :

If you can't see the faceplates, Sorry for that

Inside, it contains :

  • 1 Huge Sword (The King Saw)
  • 4 Open Hand (2L&2R)
  • 2 Closed Hand (1L&1R)
  • 2 Sword-Holding Hand (1L&1R)
  • 3 Faceplates
  • 1 set of Stand and Base

Well, it doesn’t have too many accessories like the usual figma. But you get a giant badass sword as the tradeoff !!

The Faceplates :

There are 3 faceplates included inside this figure. A no non-sense face (Plain), a no non-sense face with a slight smirk, and a full crazy smile showing all her teeth.  Personally, I prefer the plain face of her. It shows her calm and collected side with an additional badass looks and her eyes looked like they’re saying, “What’ya lookin’ at??”


No Non-sense Face
No Non-sense Face with Slight Smirk
Full Smile Showing Teeth

The Figure :

  • Size

BGS is quite big for a figma, she stands around 15cm including her horns and her King Saw is also around that high. This makes BGS my tallest figma ever after Aegis. Aegis is taller than BGS, but BGS is taller if you account her 2 horns atop her head.

The Height of BGS is around 15cm

Height Comparison with Aegis, Note that BGS is higher due to her horns

  • Sculpt

The sculpt is quite detailed for an action figure, she also got a really good proportions for her body.  We can see the details of the sculpt by just looking at her abdomen, her sleeve’s crease, and the hand’s skull-like details. Her hair is split in the middle and was given a joint, therefore you can pose her hair blown by the wind and would not hinder the stand.


Normal Long Hair

Long Hair Blown Both Ways

An Overall Look of BGS


A Look from the Side, You can see the sculpt detail by looking at the skull pommel of King Saw

  • Articulation

BGS has a very good articulation because of her wearing shorts. This way it would not hinder with limb articulation like other figmas that uses skirts. The open and closed hand’s have articulation, but they won’t move too much after you put it into BGS’ arms due to her long sleeve covering part of her wrists.

The sword-wielding hand doesn’t have any articulation for obvious reasons, but it tend to come off very easily. King Saw is so heavy, that I don’t recommend posing her wielding the King Saw high up. Her hand for holding King Saw very easily falls off due to its weight that I gave the hand some Blu-Tack to hold the King Saw in place.


The right one is non-articulated sword-wielding hand and the left is the normal open hand with some articulation

Very High Manouverability for BGS, especially the limbs

Overall, BGS have so many articulation points and nothing to hinder its movement.

  • Painting

The BGS have a pretty normal painting scheme for a BRS line which is black and white with stars and stripes theme. The painting is done perfectly and some areas are intended to have wear and tear painting scheme, which is very well done. The white stripes on her upper calf has a sign of wear and tear. The biggest weathering occurs on the King Saw itself, with massive amount of effort put into the scratches and tear atop the gold color. Although gloss colors turns me off, the gloss in BGS is good enough to impress me.

The weathering on her makes it that a coloring defect would turn into a unique sign of wear and tear on her clothes/accessories. The shading on her hair is also simple but captivating!

Note the shading of her hair, the King Saw from far away, and the weathered stripe on her upper calf. The gloss also looks perfect!

The weathering on King Saw, and note the size comparison of King Saw with Seto-san's katana+the scabbard lined together!

  • Compatibility

When we talk about compatibility it means whether the figure is compatible to use with other line of figmas.  BGS has quite a good compatibility for the accessories of other figmas because she has a closed hand which could hold other figmas’ accessories! I think it is a standard issue for a figma….   Her sword-wielding hand can also hold other’s sword as well, for instance Seto-san’s katana.


With 2 weapons, this means double the trouble!

In terms of swapping parts, BGS is not too compatible with others. Her body can be used for other heads, but her head can’t be used for other bodies. BGS have a slightly thicker peg on her head, this makes the head a very  tight fit to the other body’s neck. I’ve tried to put it into the other figma’s body but I’m a bit scared to push it all the way into the neck fearing that the joint might break when I wanted to pull out the head. If you push it, it might go to other’s body but it would make the joint break if you do it too many times.

The same goes to the hand, but instead you can’t put a normal hand into BGS’ arms because the hole in the arm is too big!  This is a huge letdown, meaning BGS’s won’t be able to have a normal hand because it will be too loose!

Headswapping with BGS' body is possible, but not the other way around. (You could if you force it!!)

Random Pose

Well, that’s about it for figma BGS.  I still have some photos left out which are not for the review but ones that I did for fun while reviewing this.  Care to take a look?

BGS taking Haruhi hostage by surprise

BGS and Aegis battle it out!

Rocket Punch Blocked!! Get Ready for some pain!!

Saito's Gatotsu Style!

What's for Dinner?? Nah.. Let's 'Make' some!!

Sharpening Swords

Well, That’s all for today folks!!  It looks like our local exorcists has gotten a hold of us and managed to capture our main lady for today..     They must’ve thought that she is a menace somehow!!

A days' work for the local exorcists... Mistaking her for a demon (Or is it??)

Thanks for reading this everyone, pardon me if there is something that you guys deemed not right…

I’m DoomNation, Over and Out!

P.S : Moderators feel free to edit out this review…