Hello again Figmaniacs,  here today with your gallery caretaker Doomnation…  In the absence of 13threaper due to his call of duty in a (quite) remote region with low internet connection speed, I will fill up his gallery until the day he returns to normal civilization (it’s not that he is in a jungle or something) and assume control of this gallery..  I’m still not that good in using the wordpress’ tools, but please bear with me 🙂 Now,without further ado :


The first picture on today’s edition is taken from our friend Wikan‘s result from browsing the internet, He found a custom made Reisen Udongein Inaba custom figma. It looks like this one is made using parts from K-ON’s and Lucky Star’s line of figmas.

Udonge with her trademark move

The next image came from Charlie Anthony showing the picture of  him headswapping Rider with Luka.  The result is an extremely believable rendition of Luka cosplaying Rider!  Both character has the same hair color, and would probably confuse anyone who is new to these characters.

Luka cosplaying Rider

The third image came from Wikan Prabowo who is showing off his first ever photo of Rider when he acquires her.  He did like her because of her really long hair, and confessed it looked like a sexier version of Shana!

Rider with Saber Alter’s sword

Another post from Wikan showing what he found on the internet, another custom figure!  I don’t really know who she is , but I believe someone said she is Liese from Seiken Densetsu 3.  I suspect the body is made from Aya morning coffee, just a bit curious if I’m right or not…

Is it really Liese??  Can someone confirm it for me??

Fresh from Arya Pradana‘s files, comes the pictures of Yomi Isayama.  This one she is posing in the memorable scene where she called Kagura using her cell, a feel of her darkside can be seen seeping from this picture.  Brings out your goosebumps ain’t it?

Yomi calling Kagura from Ga-Rei:Zero

This one is another one from Arya, showing the peaceful side of the story showing Yomi and Kagura walking side by side FULLY ARMED…

Yomi & Kagura

Waeyu Gunady shows off his most pirzed possession yet again, the two Figma depiction of Rin and Len Kagamine. This time their travel in a neverending 3D steps.

Save me Sister!!

This one is showing our usual gallery guy, 13threaper. That he’s still lurking around the figmania community with his beloved 1/12 companions.

Figmania Lurking in Progress

A very well made magic circle from Nanoha series for Miku by Hallower

Divine Buster in progress…

A picture showing the aftermath of the neverending battle of these two by Stephen Quadinata

BRS : Nooo….

A headswap between Marisa and Makina

Ready for some lead ze~ ?

Another headswap this time between Yomi and Mio, this one looks like a long lost sister of Mio..

Yomio in action

Nancy Jeanette‘s custom made figma base made by Wikan.


This two pictures is the pictures of William Wibien, who is the first receiver of BGS in our community. Looks like most of our members are still waiting for her to come into their hands.

BGS choking on BRS

A big battle is about to begin..  Place your bets everyone!!

This one shows the size comparison between BGS and BRS, it looks like BRS loses in all areas in terms of size…

“You looked kinda small lass”

I can’t help but o think that Haruhi is about to burst to madness by just looking at her in this picture..  It looked like she was forced!

Haruhi looked like a psychotic deranged girl, expect a boat people!

BakaAnki gives us the cartoony Tom&Jerry like picture

DOALAPeace….   (For Now)

Aya Shameimaru from the alternate world , if she is not a Tengu and she is a schoolmate of the K-ON girls

Can I ask you something Yui-san?

Aldrin posted 2 pictures of his beloved Azunyan

Mio & Azunyan

Double the cuteness!

The headswap deluxe!

Let’s roll da~ze!

Fate becoming a baker!

Like a hot knife through butter!

Aegis with the Wonfes exclusive gear..  The RAMPAGE gear of her looks great!

Aegis on RAMPAGE!

Wahyu Jatipermana also posted his Luka figure…  Singing beautifully as usual..



That’s it for today folks!  Not as many photos as last time. But at least there’s a post!

Thanks for reading guys and remember that you still can click on the picture to see a bigger size ones!
I’m Doomnation over and out!