This is Momonoji again XD…. And his partner in crime, Signum :3 As usual, Momo will be the one presented you with the review and I simply edited it a bit here and there and putting it up on the blog for your eyes :3. Now I’ll review one of my favourite figma, figma 019, Kagamine Rin from vocaloid.



Released on December 27, 2007, Rin & Len Kagamine (鏡音リン・レン, Kagamine Rin/Len) is the second product of Vocaloid2 Character Vocal Series developed by Crypton Future Media Ltd. (CFM), male voice (Len) and female voice (Rin). Their family name was from the developing code combining Kagami (鏡, mirror) and Ne (音, sound).

As per usual I’m not saving the box for all I care so let’s get on with the review XD~

Signum “lol dude, seriously,  just save the box already XD”



Kagamine Rin comes with:

  • Figma Stand
  • An extra face plate
  • Extra hands
  • A mike

Let’s start the review with the stand



Like other Figmas, stand assembly is a breeze, standard procedure with the hole in the back yada yada but there’s a little bit of problem, Rin’s collar part cover a little bit of the hole for the stand. It can’t be helped though, with the seifuku design =3=.

No worries though, the collar part are made from soft plastic so it’s flexible enough to move around. So you can nudged it a bit upwards and insert the peg just fine 😀


See? a perfect fit 😀


Rin only comes with two faceplates (Max is being stingy, but the expressions are exceptionally fit to any condition :))


First one comes the smiling face, this is the standard face of every Rin Figma when you purchase it from the store.


The next one comes the laughing face :D, this is the most frequently used expression that I used in many of the photos since it’s flexibly fit any pose or choice.

Now for the accessories, even when it’s not much (and small), there’re still some for Rin to play with 🙂



A simple, tiny mike for Rin was given 🙂
Alright that’s a wrap for the accessories.

But don’t worry though, there are much more to this Figma (Other than it’s flexibility)



The first plus point comes from Rin’s wide and huge shaped shoes XD~

This shape helps Rin with her balance, even to stand on one foot by itself without the stand :D. A worthy rival to the Doala and To Lucky Figmas whose feet also huge.


See ?XD


  • Design & Sculpt : 9/10
  • Colors & Painting : 8/10
  • Articulations : 9/10
  • Accessories : 6/10
  • Playable/Fun Factor : 10/10

Overall: 8.4/10

That’s all from Figmania today, Momonoji and Signum, over and out!

Signum “Lol, this should hit Mike (divinelight) right off the bat :3 I want to see the look on his face as he’s craving for this Figma :3″