News from NeoKG Figma Thread, HobbyJapan scans are up for the new figma(s) news.


Ibuki Suika from Touhou

1. Figma Mayoi from Bakemonogatari


The accessories news are up, an umbrella, open and close, a big bag, and shift body to squat down.

2. Figma Suika from Touhou Project


We got a sake bottle, mini-Suika, and chains, I think. Sorry if I’m wrong please correct me, because I’m not really that knowledgeable in Touhou.

3. Figma Strength from Black Rock Shooter


The hand is replaceable, and quite good I could say.

4. Figma Dorothy from the Big-O


Her legs could go way upward, got broomstick, hair replacement and a cat.

5. Figma Kaji from Goemon


Seems we got headphone, cards, and hair replacement.

Okay that’s all for this issue’s figma line-up. Got one you want?