Hello guys, this is Signum, again, writing another review. But today’s review will be presented by Jakesons! One of our proud Figmania members has volunteered himself to write a short review about his new Figma, Figma Kamen Rider Wing Knight.




Kamen Rider Wing Knight is one from many Kamen Riders from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight series which Figma will reissue soon, due to the high demand. Why Kamen Rider Wing Knight? I guess you could read a bit about Wing Knight here.

Kamen Rider Wing Knight is a close-range fighter possessing two swords (his default rapier which also allows him to slot Advent Cards, and his Sword Vent, a large lance-like sword). Because of this, he is better suited for one-on-one combat,and he is the 5th strongest kamen rider. Wing Knight can also use his Trick Vent to create copies of himself to aid him in combat to overwhelm stronger opponents or even out a battle involving multiple enemies. Len also has the ability to access a stronger form by using the Survive Card. In his Survive Mode, his armor and Advent Deck change to a deep shade of blue, with a cape being added to his armor. His new cards reinforce his single combat skills allowing Wing Knight to use his slot in different ways. Len’s Kawasaki ZX-14 transforms into the Wing Cycle, Wing Knight’s motorcycle. The Wing Knight deck is the only deck that has not once traded hands with another user, as Len is the only Rider not vented in the series.

Taken from wikipedia.


Now let’s move on to the review.


DSC_6432 (2) [640x480]


The Figma has a great design, simple and sleek with the poseable joints, it’s free to move around and surprisingly interesting to pose. One thing that I would like to point out is his wings, it’s cool and it has wires inside him acting as a skeleton for the cape to easily posed and and moved.


DSC_6439 [640x480]


The Figma consists of:

  • 2 x Swords (well, one is a lance kind of thing)
  • 1x Final Vent Card
  • 4x Pairs of Extra Hands
  • 1x Standbase
  • 1x Wing + His Advent

It’s so flexible to move around, with his body wrapped around by rubbers, it’s possible to pose him any pose you can think of, but be careful not to break anything! 🙂


DSC_6458 [640x480]

DSC_6445 [640x480]

DSC_6446 [640x480]

Alright, I think that’s all for today’s review, this is Signum and the original writer Jakesons, over and out.