Following the recent catastrophe that hits Japan recently, another disaster struck, while it may not cause any casualties, yet it still broken a lot of local collectors hearts. One of our founding forums has gone MIA, disappears without a note, trace, or even smell.

You see, Figmania was formed originally from 2 Indonesian forums, Kaskus -KK- and Kafegaul -KG- (from there on out, there are other members from various places including the founding members’ friends), and one of them just recently disappear, like *poof* Yeah, just like that.



It’s still a mistery of why and how it disappears, some says that the owners can’t maintain the site anymore, probably due to the attacks from various spambots recently. It was fierce, the bots. Although it has the biggest Toys and Figures Community in Indonesia, it’s vanish, along with the worried community.

It’s been 4 days since KG forums left us, and with each days passing by, things are looking grim for us. Recent news state that one of the super moderator of the forums said:

There’s nothing we can do, the Owners don’t want to maintain the forums anymore.

Well I’m not surprised, with the bots and all the pressure probably the bots has given. The members keep expanding and probably the cost to maintaining the server keeps inflating to the point the owner can’t sustain.

It’s probably trivial but not for me and some others, KG has been a great home for us. If it’s not for KG, I don’t think I’ll take any interests on figures, I don’t think I’ll go out of my way as far as creating an online shop or the best part, to meet and greet with the best collectors Indonesia can ever have. Without the forums, I think I’ll only be the ordinary guy who went into toys fair, getting tricked at someone’s stall and go home thinking I’ve gotten a good deal. Without the forums I think I’ll be that other guy, who went to the fair with his other ordinary friend, getting tricked together and going home with a smile on our face, but still less wider than the store owner’s smile :3 No offense to the seller, I was being hyperbole.

KG is (at least mine) our other home, our other teacher, our other base. I have confidence in you, let us see how strong and resilient a little forums you are!



This is Signum, over, out and praying for our other funding forums brighter future.