This is Simon and my little sharing to take picture for your figma, only with pocket camera.

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Okay, so you finally got your dream Figma, play with it for a while and got a really cool pose that makes you proud of yourself. But your family and friends doesn’t quite get what is so cool about playing with a doll so you decided to share it online to people with the same taste as yourself. You start taking pictures of it.

Lucky people with access to a DSLR won’t face any problem and produce beautiful images out of their Figmas. But the rest of us usually only have pocket cameras on our arsenal. We then meet our frustration that our pictures are not as cool as we expected. Dark, blurry images are to be expected.

I hate to admit it but taking Figma pictures with a pocket camera is a pain in the ass.

Figmas are really small in nature. They’re only about 12cm tall. That forces us to use macro mode. The problem with macro mode is even the slightest movement, will blur the image. If we increase the shutter speed, we’ll reduce the blur from the movement and get crisper image but it will get darker. And vice versa if we decrease the shutter speed we’ll get brighter image, but we better have hands made of iron to keep the camera still. That’s the tradeoff.

Common suggestions will be to make a mini studio. This will be discussed in depth in other article. Two desk lamps and a background is the typical requirement. This will brings life to the photo.

An additional desk lamp, a diffuser and a reflector are mandatory to get a better picture.

While this works really well, this poses one major weakness: You have to take pictures of your Figmas in your studio! That means you can’t take pictures of them on your bookshelf, sitting on top of your monitor, eating noodles on dining table, etc. Luckily there is other way that allows you to do that.

If the mini studio purpose is to give boost to the lighting so we can use higher speed, the other method purpose is to give you the iron hands to keep the camera still so we can set the speed as low as we want. It is the tripod method! With a tripod we can get a crisp and bright image, without any lamp setup.

A shutter cable is recommended, but if you’re too stingy to buy one or your camera doesn’t support it, we can always use the timer mode that most if not all camera have.

I bought the mini tripod for only 65.000 rupiahs. That’s about $7. The setup is really simple, much simpler than the mini studio method.

PhotobucketI’m sorry for the blurriness, since the tripod is the object I need to rely on my own hands to take the picture.

This is the result

As you can see the tripod + timer combo is working really well! The only light of this photo is only from my room’s lamp!

Here I tried taking the same picture without the tripod help


If you don’t want to buy a tripod yet, you could use whatever to replace the tripod to test this method out.

With this tripod + timer method, you can take pictures of your Figmas anywhere, even in front of your monitor, which I always fail to take while using the desk lamps mini studio method.

I screwed in this picture and focusing on her arm instead of her face, but you gets the idea…

So that’s it folks! Hope this helps..