First of all, I want to give my condolences to all our friends in Japan (by all means, everyone) who just got struck by a series of bad luck. Not only to be shaken by the biggest earthquake in the last 140 years, but also a 10 metre high of tsunami. Thus why I hope you all guys to be safe out there, be aware of your surroundings, and to be strong like a great nation you are.

Now, Good Smile Company (or GSC to be short) are offering a chance for us to help our friends over at Japan by creating a fundraising for the restoration of the damaged areas, next are a quote from the site itself.


We would once again like to offer our condolences to all who have been affected by this unfortunate disaster. Good Smile Company and Max Factory will be donating 10 million yen to the cause of helping out all those who are in need of salvation, as well as helping to recover the infrastructure of badly damaged areas. We also intend to release some charity products which will be sold to raise more money to be donated to relief efforts.

We truly hope that everyone involved will be able to recover from this unfortunate disaster as quickly as possible in the days to come.

Makoto Watanabe, Max Factory President
Aki Takanori, Good Smile Company President


All kinds of donations would be appreciated, as I can’t help much at the moment (finance problem :() I figure maybe with relaying this message to you guys then I could be some of help, even if it’s only a little compared to what others has did. Here’s a little something, it’s a simple quickie with my beloved D3100 and a little bit of touch up with photoshop (flag, texts, borders) but I hope the expression and gesture represents my feelings.



That is all,  I hope everyone would take a little of their time to at least pray for our friends in Japan, this is Signum, over and out.