Well hello again figmaniacs.. and all of you who reads our blog just out of a whim or out of curiosity.. 13threaper here.. Again, with this week’s Creati-figma gallery.

Nagato is here to help me!

If this is your first visit to our blog, this gallery consist of our members’ photos of their figmas, in various poses, just to tell a story or just to show how fabulous they are..

So, without further delays, this is our 2nd gallery…
Note: click the images for bigger resolution


First off, a picture from DoomNation, featuring Love Machine from Summer Wars, getting some girls to give them some of his LOOOOVE.. This is a quite nice concept, given his maniac-looking face.. ^^


Next, for you all who watched Infinite Stratos, this is our admin DivineLight’s attempt to recreate the scene where Ichika accidentally found an IS and activated it.. It features Black Rock Shooter with Gundam Astray Blue Frame’s backpack as her IS


This one’s another pic of BRS, shot with quite good lighting


DivineLight’s Saber Alter. The solid black background helps to show her “darkness”


The sweet and caring Takara Miyuki is nursing Bincho-tan


Yet another picture of BRS, showing her cool-side


Vocaloid’s Rin, at her visit to the mountains


Besides Itsuki, there’s another transfer student in Kouyou Academy!


This is my attempt to capture figma Signum’s beauty

A duel with Fate T! Their rivalry never ends!


Rin & Len.. They do (almost) everything together!

even kick asses together!!




Deadmaster is looking for some undergarments


Wow, I’m amazed by this… I’m too scared of the possibility that my figma would break on a failed attempt to pose it this way… Nice one, momo!


Another lovely pic of the ever so lovely azusa figma…

Leave it to our overly-creative admin, Signum, to give a disturbing yet hilarious poses for figmas… Oh.. Poor Azusa…




Nagato with the bonus faceplate from Suzumiya Haruhi Kouyou Academy version figma.. MOE… ❤


Woody & Billy, spying on couples to find references for their “happy time” together…


Megurine Luka Flood!! Finally decided to buy one yesterday… You figmaniacs poisoned me!! D:


Dead Rock Shooter


Disco time, Drossel!!


What would you get if you give Saber Lily Fate T’s blade and cape? An even more beautiful and powerful-looking Saber Lily!


One of my pic, Azunyan with the Azunyan #2 that I got from Nendo-Azusa.. They’re so cute…


One of our members had his birthday earlier this week! And he’s got a present…


Azusa and ton-chan(?)


A pic of a short-ponytail version of Signum by Signum. I should say this is quite a nice custom.. She looks kinda’ cute!


A duel to the death between the Dark Knight and the Black Samurai


I guess even robots enjoy good food..


My custom-made Alter-Kyuketsu-Saber, got her wings from an Onimusha Trading Figure


Another one of my pic of the beautiful yet dangerous Signum


Azusa is playing with her toys.. This is one of the scene from our member Luckyg1rl‘s theatrical gallery. You can find the gallery here: [Gallery] (Theatrical) Azunyannyan


These are from another one of our gathering in Surabaya.. They had a figma concert!


Azusa is having a bad dream.. It involves chairs, cats, and a baby-demon…


Drossel and her bike


Run away, gundams.. You’re in deep trouble…


Seto-san is ready to save her friends from Love Machine


Triple nyan-nyan goodness!! Nekomimi COMBO!!


The Princess In Shining Armor, Riding her White Horse!


A photo of Megurine Luka from an interesting angle.. Nice one, Signum!


This is what you can do with a lot of DeadMasters… Extreme skeleton summoning!!


Well, that’s it for our gallery this week, I’m very sorry for the delay, got busy yesterday, and something happened.. Failed to save the draft, and I ended up writing the same damn thing twice..

Alrighty then, time for some info.. For you guys that haven’t known the best light source for you to take good pictures of you figures.. Guess what, it’s the sun!! Take your figmas outside in the morning or in the afternoon to get good lighting.. If you’re to embarrassed or if the situation is not suitable, I found an interesting post in happysoda.com that might help you set up a mini-studio at home..

Figure on Cheap Lighting


Again… I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I’ll see you next week!! Meanwhile, you’re welcome to send your figma’s pics here, to our FB group’s page, or even send us privately.. OK??

Critics and Suggestions are always welcome… ^^

13threaper out…