This article is solely intended for you to get to know (and love) the Miku Append software so you’ll get to know more about her and probably help you decide in getting her. Since some people don’t bother with some Figmas they don’t know so here we’re trying to get you closer to them :).

Signum on the scene, reporting in!


mikuNo, it’s not a mecha.

Following the hype of the infamous Figma #100 Hatsune Miku Append, some of you might say.

Another Miku? Again?

All I can think for a way to reply is.

Why not!

Though this time we’ll get the Append version, which is an upgraded version of her previous Vocaloid program. For you who don’t know what Vocaloid are, here’s a brief introduction to Vocaloid, Vocaloid is a voice synthesizer software made by Yamaha Corporation and Hatsune Miku is one amongst many of their Vocaloid products. The girl you see in your daily life is the personification of the said software of how will Miku looks in her humanoid form.


Cv_append_20100402eThe box art for Miku Append

Miku Append is the future of Miku, on April 30th of 2010 six new data library consists of Miku’s new voicebank released and is intended to be an expansion to the previous Hatsune Miku Vocaloid software. The six new voicebanks are:

  • Soft
  • Sweet
  • Dark
  • Vivid
  • Solid
  • Light

It was all to enhance the already existing product giving Miku a wider, broader ways for her to extend her singing even further.  There were 5 voicebanks they (Yamaha Corporation) intended to release. The “Sweet” was originally “Very Small” and the “Dark” was “Dark Prototype” but then they decide to change it to the previous version and “Light” was added later on.


sample-f70d9e261a8b1227dc523ceb613ef9adMature? Indeed she is.


With the Append voicebanks added to Miku’s original software, it gives Miku more variety on her voices, 7 possible voicebanks to choose from, here’s the Append usage as follows:

  • MIKU Append SWEET : French Pop, Ballard, Electronica
  • MIKU Append DARK : Ballad, Jazz, Falk, Ambient
  • MIKU Append SOFT : Soft Rock, Ballad, Falk, Ambient
  • MIKU Append LIGHT : Pop, Rock, Dance, Techno Pop
  • MIKU Append VIVID : Pop, Techno Pop, Trad
  • MIKU Append SOLID : Pop, Rock, Dance, Electro

As you can see even from one voicebank it can be used for a lot of music genre, therefore giving Miku a lot more chance at singing more great songs.


Majestic? The word I’ve been looking for

Also with the release of the Append, as you guys might’ve noticed from the pictures I’ve posted earlier, the personification of our Miku has changed. She is upgraded for sure, the most noticeable parts being her clothes whose skimped down  being a contrary to her looks who is then upgraded to a goddess level from probably cute princess? Which is a good thing, Miku is now both sexy and astonishing. She also gets upgraded in certain parts, which you might find it obvious on the next image :3.


55f0b3825d1a8de8b8fa174bcdf28e6fUpgraded on certain parts of course!

I hope it helps a little for you to get to know Miku Append even further. It’s nearing the end of the entry and I’m still partly busy reading Touhou Wiki and Touhou theme songs on Youtube haha.


d1ad8bb972e2ac185e1e5f4d4f71e202Sexy back is sexy.

Another thing, this is my next wishlist, is to have Append Luka being made and of course her Figma as displayed on the next picture, it’s going to be even better than the previous release! God please hear my pray, Max Factory you better heard it too.


sample-d43ee6f5509174e5198a2830be7cb104A must!

Now, for the preview of the said Figma, you guys and gals could look up to Divinelight’s post about it, right here.

Images are taken from danbooru. Signum, over and out!