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In a certain someday…


“hei, pinky, how are you?”

“hmm..nekomimi is really suitable for me”

“ducky, let’s take a walk”

After a while…

“ahhh.  so boring…”

“hei, bunny. do you know how bored I am?”

“fly… fly away”

“hey Lucky, I’m so bored. Please play with me.”

“not this time, Azunyan, I’m buzy”

“But I’ll die because of this boredom!”

“Haa..  Alright princess, please wait a while”

“What are you doing?!”

“So say it, what are you gonna do?!”

“Just wait for a while”

“Ah, I know it!”

“yes! Just like I thought!”

“It’s bicycle!! kringkring.lalalala..”

“Thanks for this, Lucky. I’m not bored anymore”

“You are welcome, Azunyan. Let me introduce you to milk toof”



“Here it is, the milk toof”



“What’s your name?”


“Mine is Azunyan.”

“Let’s come aboard, Nyannyan, we’ll drive a while”


“Hang on tight.”

‘roger nyan.’

“Once again, thanks for everything, Lucky. bye”

“You’re welcome. See you”


‘bye Lucky.’

“Bye nyannyan. Hang on tight. Have fun.”



So, that is my little figma theater, please let me know if you like it or something that needs to be better 🙂 This is luckyg1rl signing off.