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On the hype of the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Figma series, looks like Max Factory wouldn’t let this chance to pass and released a limited Figma after all 13 Riders, that is Figma SP 032: Kamen Rider Blank Knight.

Blank Knight is phase when the Kamen Rider starts off as a rider, a colorless, generic armor with limited abilities and lack of any real power. Then after they get a contact (by capturing the monster) with the mirror monster, they get a change on the Rider’s armor, abilities and Advent Cards based on the Advent Beast.  It’s Signum and let’s move on to the scene.




Looks real dull huh? That’s why it releases limited, I think it’s to prevent overstock if it releases on regular release and to suppress the production cost since limited stuff printed, in limited quantity of course :3. It’s still pretty cool though, with the cards being different and you can use it on the other riders just for fun.


fig_sp_32_02 fig_sp_32_03


I didn’t noticed this before but it looks like he’s perfect for playing the clown role along with most male Figmas, he also gets a broken sword accessories making it perfect for the so called boke-act.

fig_sp_32_05 fig_sp_32_06


If you’re a hardcore fan of the Dragon Knight series or you’re just by some chance got an extra dough lying around and accidentally you’re in need of a new clown to brighten the mood of your figure photo shoot, why don’t you give this Figma a chance? It would be a nice addition to your clown arsenal after Woody and Billy.

A little bit intermezzo by the upcoming Figma, Makise Kurisu. It struck me while browsing through the internet that Nitro+ is the one who made her (Ignis, my goddess, was made by Nitro+ too) so I think I’ll take a look at the preview. This faceplate is basically a direct hit to me, I can’t barely stand winking characters lol, another push and I’m going to fall into the abyss haha.



That concludes today’s preview, good night!