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This is Simon and my newest loot is from yesterday Figmania gathering. Figma 061 : Nakano Azusa from K-on. Azusa is really cute with three faceplate and plenty of accessories.

But sometimes those MF Quality Control (QC) screw things up and you got yourself a defect product. This is the third time I got a defect Figma package and this time it is pretty fatal! The signature accessory of Azunyan, the nekomimi, is bent!


Apparently the nekomimi is slipped when they pressed the outer clear plastic. Well… Luckily I do have something in mind to fix this, hopefully it works well…

The idea is when a plastic + rubber composite like in Figmas are dipped into hot water, they become softer. I hope then I can reform it.

Dipping into hot water.


Slowly reforming the nekomimi.


Done! I think I’m pretty satisfied with the result.. It’s 99% back to it’s original state!


I tried to put it on azusa and it looks really good! Azunyan is ready for action!


Next time I will show you how I fix my broken Figma Joint! Please look forward to it!