Signum, with the latest news along with probably the next Nanoha Figma series, Strada err I mean Erio is up for grabs! It is released TODAY, yes this weekend over at Japan, so you might want to get it now while he’s still hot 😀





Erio stands about 10cm tall I guess (probably even smaller) due to his age BUT Strada, his weapon stands probably twice his size which makes up for the loss of Figma size. If you’re wondering who Erio is and why Max would go out of his way creating a shota character then you might want to read a bit about Erio here. Erio is not only single blistered but DOUBLE blistered to store Strada’s effect parts, it’s the first time ever I’ve ever heard Nanoha Figma got double blistered, should be a blast since even when they’re single blistered, the accessories they packed is A LOT.


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Looks like Erio got a special part for attaching him to the base due to his *pfft* shortness. Another thing Max wants to point out is the difference between the front and the back size of Strada’s spear for placing his effect parts.




Let me correct myself, with the effect parts, Strada stands THRICE Erio’s size. Now let’s see him in some actions :3


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Shotoku Taishi seriously deserved that :3

Alright I think that’s for today’s short news since I have another thing scheduled today, see you later and good day everyone!



Today’s random girl is errr.. hinata?

Source: http://ameblo.jp/figma