Hello all you figmaniacs out there.. 13threaper here.. You may know me as nightmarereaper or j_strife (wanted to make this my username, but the underscore was rejected).

This is the first contribution I made for our beloved blog, and this actually my first blog post.. So.. if you find this post crappy… bear with it for a while, and tell me how to make my next post better.. OK?

Our first picture is a picture of Manabe Nodoka, by yours truly.. Damn I love this figma.. ^^

Our weekly gallery consist of pictures of our figmas… you can contribute by sending us your figma pictures or by joining our facebook group and uploading the picture there.

Hmm.. It’s weekend, and that means it’s time for me to bring you pictures contributed by our members this week (pictures of our own figmas, of course).

Well in this case, this is our first gallery since this blog was made, so there’s so many pictures to post! If you want you name / nickname to be mentioned after/before your pic, contact me… I planned on mentioning them all, but got confused which name to post..

So.. Here goes…


Rin & Len… Momonoji’s favorite figma! ^^


The acrobatic Minami!


Another picture of Minami Iwasaki by me.. She’s confused, but thankful to maxfactory for giving her the same boo..err…  I mean.. body as Miyuki…


Marisa & Reimu


Aww.. BRS… I think you made yourself cry…


BRS, riding her “familiar”, Liger Zero!


Next stop, another pic of my own.. Drossel, giving Nodoka the legendary “princess carry” XD


Lum, & Rider’s aventure at the female undergarments section in a mall!!

Come on, Rider, let’s go somewhere else.. I thought I’ve told you a thousand times already, YOUR CUP SIZE IS NOT THAT BIG!!!


Next, Signum’s …err.. Signum!! Taken with a backlight as the light source.. She’s got a GN blade now, and you evildoers better beware!!

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape her sight
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware her power… GN-Signum’s light!


BRS’ nightmare.. Being bullied by lots of DMs >_<


This one is from our gathering in Jakarta, DoomNation’s head-swapping idea is awesome! Haruhi looks great on that costume..


Another one of my pics.. Ever wondered what is Kouyou Academy is teaching it’s students in secret? MILITARY!! Haruhi is training to be a one-girl army D:



I wonder what’s the tissue box for..? :3


A nanoha figma with an awesome gundam backpack.. This is soooo cool!!


Anyone watch Kamen Rider W? Edited his eyes to match Drossel & BRS’


Don’t mess with Mio! She’s scary when you bully her too much..


A romantic (but disturbing) scene..




Apparently, Lelouch is stressed out with all that politic & strategic matters, and SNAPPED!!


Don’t mess with HTT or Azusa will cut you down!!

She also has a Berserk Mode..


Mmm MmmMio!!!?? -nosebleed-


One of our admin posted this.. Doala is thirsty and looking for milk..


The Black Shooter can also do the shooting at the soccer field


It’s practice time, Ritsu!


Billy The BareFooted Warrior.. BEWARE, SPARTANS!


Mo.. MOEE…


Haruhi, playing Nendo Yui’s Ukuleleh!


Aegis, reporting for duty!!


Mission failed.. 😦


Drossel, doing the legendary Kamina Pose..


I feel sorry for aya…


Len, with his laptop that he ordered online from an old geezer..


Rock and Roll!


Tetsu Senshi IronRed…


Drossel in a nightclub, enjoying herself


Reaper-Drossel will reap your soul!


Drossel and her … errr… boy(?)friend?


Double-Drossel.. Ready to welcome Drossel V2!


Another double-drossel delight! Jamming with drossels seems fun!


Makinami Mari, Ready to kick some angels butt!!!


Yui.. That’s not the food Mugi prepared, that’s Momo’s food..


Oooohh The beauty…


Lelouch is protecting BRS and her brother(?) from another menace.. BILLY!!


An attempt to recreate a scene from Lucky Star.. In a twisted comical way… LOL


Time to exercise, Len!!


You too, Drossel!


Who wouldn’t want to take a picture with Tony Stark?




Want some of Billy’s FULL COURSE MASSAGE? Just sit there and let Billy take care of you…


Luka Megurine Nakano. The multi-talented Luka borrowed Azunyan’s guitar and looking damn good with it 😀

From our gath in Surabaya.. Double azunyan…


A picture of Nagato playing the piano… I like this pic… ^^

Well, that’s all for this week, folks… I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and I’ll see you next week!! Meanwhile, you’re welcome to send your figma’s pics here, to our FB group’s page, or even send us privately.. OK??

Critics and Suggestions are always welcome… ^^

13th reaper, signing out…