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I’ve talked a lot about Touhou Animate and Anime Tenchou before this post right? Well now is the time for me to provide you with the event where the 1:1 Figma will be displayed to be admired!


Animate, our very own topic today!

It is here, on Ikebukuro’s Animate, The King of Animate, Animate amongst Animate, and more titles to go on but let’s start the news. Located in Ikebukuro district at Tokyo, this biggest Animate branch (which was also the first Animate to be built) have started the Figma Exhibition. All the Figmas that have released are proudly displayed alongside each other.


Of course, Billy is around :3


Shana and her bread :3 so cute!


And there’s still more to this!

There said to be more than 100 Figmas being displayed and also not to forget the posters and other goods. The centerpiece of the exhibition is of course Anime tenchou Meito Anizawa whose history have been explained earlier.

The Exhibition will last for a week starting from 22nd February 2011 until 27th February 2011, Located in Ikebukuro Animate At the Event Floor Space #9. It’s free of admission so what are you waiting for? :3

Another fancy thing I need to addressed is you’ll get a present IF you bought a Figma on the Sale counter you’ll get a “Figma Cycle Kit” present! Although you need to paint them but it’s still a nice little present from the Animate guys :).


Not too shabby eh?

A special Thanks goes to Yusman Kurnia for helping me translating the hardest parts of this news. You guys might want to take a look at his site, here.

That wraps today’s news, and I’ll part with you guys with some more pictures for your viewing pleasure.


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