UPDATE February 24th 2011, new Figma info below.

I couldn’t help but to post these new scans from Hobby Japan March 2011. Why?

Figma #100 Hatsune Miku Append

Click this image below for bigger resolution.

So, more explanations from the 100th figma is here, from here we could see she comes with at least three faceplates, normal smiling face, calm sleeping face, and the realistic PVC-like face!!

For accessories, we only see the accessories for her skirt and set of hands. We may need to wait a while longer to see the complete packaging and of course, price.

Next, just after we got the news of Shifting Body for Figma Maron=Makaron, we got this scan for better details. Way to make her more poisonous…

And don’t forget to own a Sony PSP if you decide to order, because she is bundled with the game, Queen’s Blade Spiral Chaos.

What can Kirino do without Kuroneko? The first friend she got on her first offline meeting is available in Figma. From the scan we could assume she comes with a nice lovely chair and set of tea pot.

From Strike Witches, to accompany Miyafuji Yoshika, Lynette Bishop will be available in Figma. Comes with Striker Unit and her weapon, Boys anti-tank rifle.

And new scan for the lovely and cool WRS (assumed for “White Rock Shooter”). Prepare to have a Sony PSP if you want to order her, because she come with videogame for Black Rock Shooter.

For the last scan, we could see the big hand of Strength, a character from Black Rock Shooter OVA, takes in action. Seems the packaging will include at least two standbase just like Figma Black Rock Shooter.

Updated February 24th 2011

From Tomopop, we got more scans.

Other than Kuroneko and Lynette above, it’s Figma Dorothy from anime series “The Big O”. Comes with a broomstick and a cat, we could wait for more information later.

And the one being highlighted, it’s read Roger Smith, the protagonist of The Big O. So, we’ll see if this information will be continued in next issue.

That’s for the scan from Hobby Japan March 2011, and the news come from Figure.fm by Atoli, the writer.