Hey guys, we’re back with me, Signum (Yes, I AM advertising myself, Hence the Bold’d name ;3) on the scene to finally saw the first, HUMAN SIZED Figma ever made by Max Factory!

What’d you mean I’m joking, here I’ll prove it to you with a fail-proof evidence, BEHOLD!


Anime Tenchou, Meito Anizawa!

Who’s Meito Anizawa? Well, I don’t blame you for not knowing him, not many people on the net knows him since he, himself was not meant to be an anime character, unless of course, you watch Lucky Star who’ve been featuring him on few of their episodes. Meito Anizawa is a fictional character made by the LARGEST anime, games and manga retailer in Japan, Animate.

A little bit about Animate, is the store opened at 1983 located at Ikebukuro, a district in Tokyo, Japan. Animate now has grown into a giant on it’s industry owning 38 stores in Japan and one in Taipei, Taiwan (why would they open one in Taiwan? beats me brah, I do want them to open one across my place though). Broccoli, their rival announced that they would collaborate with Animate on January 2008 and is now formed a new company called AniBro (Brofist brah!) with Animate holding 70% of the shares.

On to Meito Anizawa.



Meito Anizawa is a character made for advertising purpose of Animate, his role is to be the Ikebukuro’s Animate Manager and also the Hero of Anime Tenchou. His nature is hot headed but he is always think at the positive side, making him a calm yet fragile and is prone to explosive scene, yes even if it is him who’s exploded. His voice character is Tomokazu Seki which we’ve known starring few hot-headed, insensitive, dense and inevitably IDIOT such as Domon Kasshu from Kidou Senshi G Gundam and Sousuke Sagara from Fullmetal Panic trilogy. You catch my drift, don’t you?

I’m not saying they’re Idiots, but they’re.


Meito 2

Colored, displayed, admired. I want that black base!


The Figma itself begins to be constructed way back, I don’t know the exact date but it’s built to commemorate Anime Tenchou’s 10th Anniversary so they’re working on their 3rd Project which is Anime Tenchou x Touhou (F YEAH TOUHOU) Movie.


meito 3

Press Conference at Wonfes.. I think 🙂


Here’s the clip of the said movie (TOUHOU!!!)


We also have a little compilation of videos which you can use to get to know this character better. It’s on our  freshly made (hence the plain profile) FigmaniaVideos and we have Meito Anizawa playlist too! With that being said, here’s some more images of the making of this Figma, and it is BIG.



The making of, parts and accessories



Whoa whoa, Son Goku’s hair?


The Prototype

Fancy eh? Now all I want is for them to release this to the public, and probably make more Touhou Figma (Yuuka plz, Sanae is fine too, I’m not picky. OH don’t forget about Keine!!).

I do talk about Touhou quite a bit there :3 Well actually quite a lot.


That’s all for today folks, I hope you enjoy my, explanation? Now I’ll be back playing SD Gundam G Generation World (It’s EPIC) on my lovely PSP OH, and I am NOT Signum if I don’t include any random girls on my post :3



It’s my Rana, please keep your hands off her :3