UPDATED Feb 22nd: Add External Review

Hey guys, Rqon here, well I’m also known as Signum, but what the heck :3

Fellow Kamen Rider Figma fans, REJOICE!

The newest Figma from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight series are finally up for grabs! Kamen Rider Torque (Zolda) and Kamen Rider Incisor (Scissors) is finally released few days ago! Featuring their own strike vents weapons and final vent cards, both Figmas also got their own stand and their respective initial weapon.

Kamen Rider Torque

Kamen Rider Incisor

And external reviews of them after the break.

External Review means the review not done by us (Figmania), so it’s just a link to the reviewer.

Review link: Kamen Rider Torque @ GuNjap

Manufacturer: Max Factory – Made of ABS & PVC – Height: 140mm
仮面ライダートルク Figma action figures series
Released – Price: 4,800 Yen
Images Hacchaka


Review link: Kamen Rider Incisor @ GuNjap

figma 仮面ライダーインサイザー
Released – Price: 4,780 Yen
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Images: Swordian007

Also with the release of these Figmas, also announced the release dates of the following Riders! Kamen Rider Onyx, which is way cool with it’s black dove color. Kamen Rider Spear with his frilly.. things and fabulous final vent! (thousands-of-deers-at-you vent) Of course, last but not least, my personal favorite, Kamen Rider Wrath who does, manipulate the time, time vent is a HAX. HAX I tell you.



The next thing we should anticipate is the reissue (yes, you heard me, REISSUE) of both our main protagonists, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Kamen Rider Wing Knight on May, wait, that is exactly the same month as the previous three! Isn’t that great? 5 figures at a time! *check on his wallet* okay I’ll pass them all given that Araragi also released on the said month.


Oh how I wished they stayed true to their prototypes, at least Torque and Incisor had a significant improvement on the Visor parts and the paints are slightly fixed. So let’s pray to our own beliefs that this reissue version will get a noticeable improvement.

That would hurt the current market though, but heck, I love chaos.

Next month will also hurt your wallet :3 Why is it so? Look here, Strike and Sting delayed to March right? That makes them released in the same month as Siren (The Sexy A**) and Thrust. Whew, you got no breather there kids, better get your ammo ready or you’ll need to blow your life saving away.


You got a breather now, only 2 Kamen Riders released on April, Camo and Axe, I have no interest in either of them so meh, lol. No offense to the fans though, it’s just a matter of taste :3. Have I told you I want Figma to take the license of Saban’s Masked Rider? That way we can get the Figma of Kamen Rider Black RX and FERBUS. Who wants some Ferbus? I do.

Despite of their appearances, the pose is actually pretty cool

Last thing I want to share with you guys today is that Ryuki Blank (I forgot the Dragon Knight’s name, my apologies) is now open for order! You can look and order here:


Which reminds me where’s Alternative Zero? Although it has cool design with black base and gold lining, it’s a wonder why Max choose not to release the baby :|. Oh well, I guess you can’t have it all, can you?

That’s all for today’s Super Hero Time guys, do you have what it takes to collect them all?

No, not guts silly, Money!

I do, insert random pictures :3 Kawaiii uguuu