– Miku Append –


Wonder Festival is a collaborative events featuring figures, models, and garage kits in one place, a true utopia for the hobbiests. This year Wonder Festival (Winter 2011) was held on Sunday, February 6th, 2011 at Makuhari Messe.

The complete walkthrough of Wonder Festival 2011 could be read in Nekomagic.

1. As number 100, Vocaloid series, Figma 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) Append is announced.

2. Then, from Strike Witches, リネット・ビショップ (Lynette Bishop)

3. and from the same series, 宮藤芳佳 (Miyafuji Yoshika)

4. From Touhou Project, 伊吹 萃香 (Ibuki Suika)

5. From Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Kosaka Kirino

6. from the same series, Kuroneko

7. Fresh from this season’s anime, Puella Magi Madoka, Kaname Madoka

8. And from the big hit NDS love-sim game, Love Plus, Takane Manaka

9. from the same series, Anegasaki Nene

10. from the same series, Kobayakawa Rinko

11. Bakemonogatari, we got Hachikuji Mayoi

12. from the same series, Kanbaru Suruga

13. from the same series, Araragi Koyomi

14. and also from the same series, Senjōgahara Hitagi

15. From the well-known new line, Black Rock Shooter, we got Strength

16. from the same series, Takanashi Yomi

17. also from the same series, Kuroi Mato

18. class=”aligncenter” same series, sold bundled with videogame, White Rock Shooter

19. From next season’s anime Steins;Gate, Kurisu Makise

20. From Disney Drossel, we got Drossel “Fireball Charming”

21. From The Big O series, Dorothy

22. Tentai Senshi Sunred, this is Senshi Sunred

23. from the same series, General Vamp

24. From Goemon, Kaji. Right now I don’t have any additional info.

25. and uncoloured, Robocop from Robocop

26. And US adapatation, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

Photos are taken from Nekomagic