[Ext. Review] Makise Kurisu Lab Coat Ver.


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Makise Kurisu is one of the main characters from the series Steins; Gate. This is the second figma version released for Makise Kurisu which is the Lab Coat version. This figma was released during December of 2013.


Figmania Photocon 2014 -Top Ten & Most Fave Photo Phase-


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Figmania Photocon 2014 is nearly finished, yet before it moves to final stage we would like to have voting phase for Top Ten. These photo will be put in an album on Figmania FB Group, photo whose the most Like will become the Most Voted winner.

Keep in mind that Most Voted is not the winner, because the winner is decided by boards of jury, and Most Voted will get separate prize.

Please don’t tell which photographer own the photo until Winner Announcement.

Without further ado, here are the Top Ten waiting for your vote in this link of album, these Top Ten photos are NOT sorted from first to tenth position (not in particular order) Continue reading

[Announcement] Figmania Photocon 2014 Time Extension


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Update: The Submission Phase is done, we will update to next phase as soon as possible

Figmania Photocon 2014 for photo submission phase will be extended until April 21st, 2014.

For those who hasn’t enter the contest, this is your chance! ^^
The rules and prize is in this link: Figmania Photocon 2014.

Feel free to ask the question to our email: figmaniax at yahoo.com

[Ext. Review] Makise Kurisu Original Version


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Makise Kurisu the original version was first released back in 2011, and recently she had a rerelease in December of 2013. She is a character from the anime series Steins Gate.





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